Improving diagnostics with eye tracking


Improving diagnostics with eye tracking


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Objective acuity

Objective contrast sensitivity

Ganglion layer dark adaptation

Saccade main sequence

Automated saccade metrics

Automated smooth pursuit metrics

Automated fixation metrics

Our purpose

Our aim is to offer clinicians and researchers one device that can perform multiple rapid neuro-ophthalmic eye examination tests. Our unique BulbiHUB platform and BulbiCAM currently offers the user multiple tests to screen for glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) , nystagmus, cataract and optic neuritis. Ultimately our BulbiCAM will include multiple tests to screen for both ophthalmological and neurological conditions.

Our technology maintains good vision and cognitive health across a lifetime.

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BulbiCAM - multiple rapid eye examination tests to screen for ophthalmological and neurological conditions

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Benefits of our technology

The problems we solve

Our clinical importance

Dr. Bjørn Helland-Hansen introducing Bulbitech’s technology and explaining the importance of having one single device available in daily clinical practice supporting eye doctors in a complete neuro-ophthalmic assessment of the patient.

Early detection of functional disorders with a dedicated platform and diagnostic device that replaces the manual examination and saves time

Decentralizing access to screening of ophthalmological and neurological conditions by introducing rapid eye examination tests

Rapid screening supports already understaffed eye care professionals to face an increase demand of eye care by providing them with a platform and diagnostic support device in which the patient does the work and can be operated by anyone

Generating objective data and clinical results to improve health outcome and research


Diagnostic tool in mastering a complete neuro-ophthalmic assessment of the patient


Our solution

BulbiHUB platform

BulbiHUB platform assesses the data measured by BulbiCAM. BulbiHUB is an innovative point-of-care eye platform for the screening of ophthalmological and neurological disorders.


Assessed data can be shared between and amongst clinical from peripheral locations to one central location, resulting in a clinical workflow that can continue remotely during pandemic outbreaks

AI [Artificial Intelligence]

Algorithms can be developed to detect early stage neuro- ocular dysfunctions and analyze our collected data for research purpose


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Our company

Our Timeline

Funding from public funds and private investors for technology development

Technical R&D development on platform & hardware

Company & software CE-certified

Funding from public funds and private investors to complete smaller prototype

Finalist in the DNB Healthcare prize

Bulbitech wins healthcare pitching contest at Oslo Innovation Week
Certified QMS according to ISO 13485

Hardware CE-certified


Bulbitech is FDA registered under number D437315
Awarded € 2 million euro grant from Norwegian Research Council for clinical validation of tests


I find the BulbiCAM device to be fascinating and shaping the future leading trends in ophthalmology. It is simple and easy to use, modular and very ergonomic. With its advanced virtual reality technology and diagnostic and monitoring abilities for eye disorders, this will likely be a breakthrough technology in the daily practice of high turnover clinics.

Prof. Goran Petrovski

Department of Ophthalmology, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Norway, The opinions stated by Prof. Goran Petrovski are his own, and not related to the institution he works at

I am impressed by the technology of your device and first of all I would like to congratulate you for trying to solve a combination of clinical problems that no device can reliably solve.

Dr. Georgios Siskos

ophthalmology department Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital

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